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Case Reports

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lower back pain, shin pain and numbness

main symptoms

his lower back hurts. when walking, balance is poor.
when he walks a little, he feels pain in his right hip, lower back, and shin.
he enjoys playing tennis and golf, but lately he cannot move satisfactorily.
when running, he feels as if his lower back is sticking out. he cannot run fast.
when he wakes up in the morning, his shins feel numb. he gets numbness when walking for a long time. he came to our clinic through a friend's introduction.

visual observation and palpation

visual observation: narrow stride when walking, pelvis not rotated.
palpation: stiffness was found in the tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius shortus, gluteus medius, and longus muscles.
i judged that the muscle tension in the lower back due to accumulation decreased the pelvic rotation ability and caused various symptoms to appear and treated him.


1st to 5th treatment: the pain in the hips disappears. pain in the lower back and shins remained.
6th to 10th treatment: numbness and pain in the shins will disappear. it becomes a level that does not interfere with daily life such as walking for a long time, playing tennis, golf, etc.
11th to 15th treatment: only the pain in the lower back remains. however, it is much better than at the beginning. the remaining trigger points in the lower back (longissimus muscle) were intensively treated.

the symptoms seemed to disappear after a few treatments.


the muscles of the lower back are attached to the pelvis.
overstrain of the lower back muscles reduces the rotation of the pelvis.
trigger points are then easily formed in the muscles that make up the (1) hip joint, (2) knee joint, and (3) ankle joint.
this often causes pain in each area.
of course, there are cases where only a localized part is bad, so differentiation is necessary.

the pain moves.
the brain recognizes the most painful part as "the most painful".
in the end, a stubborn spot remains.
treating the trigger points that form in that area will improve the symptoms.