Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

Case Reports

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main symptoms

headache. she has had headaches for a long time.
she used to take medication every week when the pain occurred. however, recently, even if she takes the medicine, the headache comes back immediately.
in the past 2 years ago, she has also been experiencing numbness-like symptoms from her shoulders to her arms.
recently, she felt tired and stressed easily.
her breathing is shallow, and her sleep is shallow.

she came to us for a treatment to solve her problems.

visual observation and palpation

visual observation shows a rash on her back and sympathetic nervous tension symptoms such as hyper sweating.
on palpation, straight neck was observed, and neck muscle tension was strong.


trigger point therapy for the muscles around the occipital bone attachment area

1) trapezius muscle
2) semispinalis capitis muscle
3) splenius capitis muscle
the treatment focused on these occipital bone attachment areas.

1st to 3rd treatment: no change. feeling dull after the treatment.
4th to 6th treatment: there were days when she could go a week without taking medicine.

as the muscle tension in the surface layer was getting relieved, i started to approach the suboccipital muscle group that exists in the deepest part of the occipital region.

7th treatment: symptoms wavered but got much better.
8th treatment: she noticed that she had not taken any medication recently.

after a few more treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


related pain

the term "headache" is taken for granted.
i'm sorry if this sounds strange, but a headache is a symptom of pain in the head.
it is not a disease.

trigger points have the concept of related pain.
it is a trigger point created in a muscle that causes pain or numbness in a different area than the one where it was created.
headaches are related pain caused by trigger points in the muscles that attach to the occipital bone.
medications only control the symptoms. they never cure headaches.
once the trigger points in the occipital bone attachments are healed, the headache itself will be cured.