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Case Reports

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pain and heaviness in the shins of the legs.

main symptoms

pain and heaviness in the shins of the legs.
when he was not feeling well, he sometimes felt lazy all day long and had pain when walking.
he thought it would get better soon, but it did not improve even after a month, so he came to our clinic.

visual observation and palpation

no abnormalities were found on visual observation.
on palpation, when he pressed the tibialis anterior muscle, he had a cognitive awareness that "that's where its hurts'.
to examine why trigger points were created in the tibialis anterior muscle, i also palpated the lumbar region and the lower back, and since there was a lot of tenderness, i decided to treat three areas: 1) tibialis anterior muscle, 2) lower back, and 3) lower back.


acupuncture was performed on the tibialis anterior, lower back, and upper back.

the area indicated by the arrow is the tibialis anterior muscle.
it is a muscle of the shin and is responsible for dorsiflexion of the ankle joint.
when this muscle is numb, the leg joint hangs down and it is easy to stumble.

after 2-3 treatments of the tibialis anterior muscle, the symptoms decreased from 10 to 3.
since the remaining 30% of the symptoms were not removed, intensive acupuncture treatment on the lumbar region and hips resulted in the disappearance of the remaining 30% of the symptoms.

however, in order to improve the rest of the symptoms and prevent the symptoms from recurring in the future, it is necessary to consider 'why the pain occurred there'.