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Case Reports

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causes of long standing back ache.

main symptoms

lower back aches. for years, her lower back hurt when she walked for five minutes. when an x-ray was taken at an orthopedic clinic in march this year, she was diagnosed with a herniated disc.
the pain was getting worse and worse, and she was experiencing numbness from her left hip to the bottom of her foot.
the pain started to appear in various places and even when resting at home.
she took painkillers, but when the medication wore off, the pain came back. the condition of her stomach also became worse.

visual observation and palpation

painful scoliosis, which is a distortion of the body due to pain, was observed.
palpation showed tension in the lower back and hips.


acupuncture was performed on the lower back and hips.
when the acupuncture needles were applied to the trigger points of the lumbar multifidus and gluteus medius muscles, she experienced recognition.

1st treatment: 10 to 8. a little better.
5th treatment: 10 to 5. dramatic improvement. She can climb stairs. she can walk without a cane.
10th treatment: because she could walk well, she started to exercise more, and the pain increased.
12th treatment: 10 to 2. almost no pain. however, pain in the knee joint started to appear, probably because she had been protecting her lower back.

she is now receiving preventive treatment for her lower back and focusing on her knee joint…


there are two theories of disc herniation.
1) nerve compression theory: the herniation presses on the nerve, causing numbness.
2) nerve inflammation theory: the body judges the herniation as a foreign body. the immune system attacks the hernia, causing inflammation, which then spreads to the nerves, resulting in numbness.

recently, (2) the nerve inflammation theory, is correct, and the number of cases of surgery for disc herniation has decreased.
the inflammation goes away in 6 months in most people as the immune system gobbles it up.
in other words, it is now widely recognized that surgery is not necessary for herniated discs.

in this case, besides the hernia, trigger points in the lumbar multifidus muscle and gluteus medius muscle may have been causing the numbness and pain.
in western medicine, we tend to assume that numbness is caused by nerves, but when trigger points are created in muscles, related pain and numbness symptoms can appear in the muscles within the trigger points.
the pain can be relieved by applying acupuncture needles to the area.