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Case Reports

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tearing calf with a sound

main symptom

when she bent forward to feed her cat at home and stepped on it, she felt a severe pain in her left calf.

she heard a sound like a muscle tearing when she hurt it. immediately afterwards, she could not put any weight on her leg, to the extent that she had to limp to walk.
she felt a strong pain, especially in her upper calf.

it was the first time for her to have acupuncture, but she said, "acupuncture is good for tearing symptoms! ... her family recommended acupuncture, so she contacted us on the day of her injury and came to our clinic.

palpation, visual observation, and motor examination

the medial head of the left gastrocnemius muscle was noticeably tender and swollen, and there was ankle joint plantar flexion pain and pain during loading when walking.
no internal bleeding was observed because it was just after the injury.

about the calf triceps muscle

the calf muscle is called the triceps and consists of 3 muscles: (1) the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle, (2) the lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle, and (3) the soleus muscle.

each of these 3 muscles together form the achilles tendon, which attaches to the calcaneus (heel).

the function of the achilles tendon is to perform "plantar flexion" of the ankle joint, which is a movement to turn the ankle downward.
the gastrocnemius tendon works during various daily activities such as standing, walking, and climbing stairs.

the gastrocnemius muscles (medial and lateral heads) are in the shallow layer.

the deeper layer is the soleus muscle.

treatment area and progress of treatment

1st treatment → acupuncture was performed mainly on the medial head of gastrocnemius, lateral head of gastrocnemius, soleus, and tibialis posterior. pain was relieved after the treatment.

2nd treatment → pain when walking is still painful. walking on the side is easier. the number of acupuncture needles was increased to the soleus muscle layer.
pain scale 10→8

3rd treatment → he felt sluggish after the last treatment, but it became much easier the next afternoon.
her walking speed increased.
pain scale 8→6

4th treatment → pain was reduced to less than half of the initial level. the swelling decreased.
pain scale 6→4

5th treatment → pain was relieved. walking is much easier, but she still feels pain from steps.

also, internal bleeding was observed here. the deeper the injury, the more internal bleeding tends to appear after a long time. (one week has passed since the injury)

in the treatment of muscle tears, it is important to disperse the internal bleeding and avoid creating a vicious cycle in the affected area to heal without leaving any discomfort.
pain scale 4→2

6th treatment → the internal bleeding came down to the achilles tendon.
the pain became almost nothing. a little discomfort remains.

7th treatment: pain and discomfort disappeared. pain scale→0


it was so difficult to walk, so we treated her at intervals.

by using acupuncture from the day of the injury, the patient was able to recover in an ideal way, without scarring due to the passage of time with poultices and other conservative treatments.