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Case Reports

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headache, stomach cramps, gastric distress, morton's disease

main symptoms

she has been taking headache medication for many years. pain in the back of the head is strong. there is no abnormality in her eyesight. gastric distress always occurs after eating. it is as if she is always taking headache medicine and stomach medicine.

she was diagnosed with IGA nephropathy a few years ago and has been receiving treatment for 2 years now. she still visits the hospital 4 times a year. it is not uncommon for her to have hematuria when her physical condition worsens.

recently, she has been experiencing numbness in her toe when she walks. she was diagnosed as having "morton's disease" by the orthopedic doctor. since there is no improvement after a few weeks, she wants to be cured of that as well.

her mother introduced her daughter to us because she said, "i've been suffering from this for a long time and i want acupuncture to cure what I can'.

visual observation and palpation

visual observation showed swelling of the neck and sebum on the back.

on palpation, neck muscle tension and back muscle tension were strongly observed.

the condition of her feet was uncomfortable when she extended her toes dynamically, and a slight pressure from the bottom of her feet caused a numbness.


the headache was caused by neck tension.
the stomach cramps and gastric discomfort were judged to be caused by the autonomic nerve function being disturbed by the sympathetic nerve tension due to the parasympathetic nerve pressure caused by the swelling caused by the trigger of the neck muscles, and the gastric symptoms due to the influence of the trigger point in the back.

for morton's disease, we used our original approach to the plantar muscles.

treatment results

at first, the patient was treated 2 times in a row.
after the 1st treatment, the stomach symptoms improved more than ever before.

no headache or stomach symptoms appeared for several weeks after the 2nd treatment. →present symptoms are still good.

by the 2nd treatment, the symptoms in her legs were almost gone and she could walk as usual.

after a total of 3 treatments, the symptoms she had been suffering from almost completely improved. from now on, we will control the blood pressure of the underlying disease, IGA nephropathy, and adjust the autonomic nerve function by monitoring the condition of her neck and back to keep her alert.


conclusion (IGA nephropathy) (morton's disease)

IGA nephropathy is said to resolve spontaneously in about 15% of adult patients and was previously thought to have a good prognosis. however, it is important to note that poorly controlled high blood pressure and proteinuria can sometimes lead to renal failure.

acupuncture treatment for renal disease is different in each clinic, but in our clinic, we use acupuncture to improve circulation from the lower back to the lower legs. for high blood pressure symptoms, we use an approach that excludes medical factors other than the underlying disease to determine whether the blood pressure has improved.

this is because there are cases of high blood pressure that is triggered by medical factors and other areas that contribute to high blood pressure.

morton's disease is simply defined as a condition in which the small nerves running to the tips of the toes are strangulated for some reason, and when the toes are stretched and loaded due to contact with the ground during walking, electric shock pain occurs.

i think clinically it is more common in people with a narrow lateral arch.

acupuncture can relieve the pain by directly approaching the affected area and loosening the ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues. if there is no improvement, we can correct the walking style by approaching the hip joint.