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Case Reports

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pain and tingling in the thighs

main symptoms

3 months ago, she started experiencing tingling and pain in the front of her thighs, and she could not bend her knees.
she felt pain when standing up or stepping on the floor, and the symptoms seemed to be especially strong in the evening.
she went to an orthopedic surgeon, but they could not find the cause and said it was probably aging.

she was given painkillers and hyaluronic acid injections, but there was no change at all, and her swelling became worse about 4 days ago.

visual observation and palpation

visual observation revealed some swelling, and palpation revealed a feeling of skin tightness on the front of the thigh.
in addition, there was severe tenderness in the rectus femoris and vastus medialis muscles.


the symptoms were judged to be caused by trigger points in the rectus femoris and vastus medialis muscles, and the treatment focused on the rectus femoris and vastus medialis muscles.

1st treatment: after the first treatment, the tingling decreased and the tension in the thigh decreased. the pain remained when she put her weight on it.
2nd treatment: overall symptoms decreased. no more discomfort when bending the knee.
3rd session: tingling and thigh muscle tension disappeared, and no pain during flexion.

treatment was completed in 3 sessions.


because the knee joint is always under strain, it is a part that requires immediate and accurate treatment, and it is easy for technique and experience to make a difference.
by continuing to have pain, the secondary and tertiary burden on other parts of the body, the healing process will be worse.
early treatment is recommended.