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numbness in the area innervated by the ulnar nerve, ulnar nerve deviation, elbow canal syndrome

numbness in the area innervated by the ulnar nerve, ulnar nerve deviation, elbow canal syndrome

【male, 50s】

【male, 50s】

main symptoms

the doctor diagnosed him with elbow canal syndrome.
when he was doing strength training the other day, he felt an electric shock when he flexed his elbow joint. since then, mild numbness in the ulnar nerve area. he still felt discomfort in the pinky finger side.

at first, he went to a local acupuncture clinic, but there was no improvement. although he went to an acupuncture clinic in the city more than 10 times, his symptoms did not improve at all.

he was a little far away, but he came to our clinic because he saw our website and wanted us to do something about it.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, a surgical scar was found on the right elbow. he had undergone 3 surgeries for arthrophyte in the past.

palpation showed that the ulnar nerve in the affected area had deviated from the elbow canal and was thickened.


the ulnar nerve was probably deviated from its original position due to some effects of the 3 previous elbow surgeries.
when the elbow joint is flexed to the maximum, the ulnar nerve is forcibly stretched by the elbow joint, which may have caused this symptom.
since there was no muscle atrophy or muscle weakness in the ulnar nerve dominant area, it was judged that the symptom was the result of excessive extension of the ulnar nerve when the ulnar nerve was flexed during strength training.

1st treatment: the ulnar nerve was directly approached from the 1st treatment. at the same time, i also approached the ulnar carpal flexor muscles and the hypothenar.
3rd treatment: symptoms were almost halved from the 1st treatment. this was the first time that the treatment had an effect.
10th treatment: symptoms decreased from 10 to 2.
15th treatment: almost improved, although sometimes a little bothersome. he is gradually resuming exercise.


efficacy of acupuncture for symptoms caused by nerves

symptoms caused by nerves include numbness, tingling, discomfort due to neuritis.
symptoms of nerve compression include muscle atrophy.
symptoms of nerve disconnection are complete paralysis of the area.
acupuncture is the only surgical treatment that can stimulate the nerves without anxiety.
in the past, we have treated patients who were completely paralyzed and could not move their legs, and we have also treated patients whose shoulders were completely paralyzed due to radial nerve injury caused by humeral fracture. (it takes a certain amount of time.)
this case was a little unique, but we are honored that the patient was able to improve.