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Case Reports

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pain in the right hip joint area

main symptoms

his right hip joint has been painful since January of this year.
when he was healthy, he used to play tennis about 3 times a week.
however, he gradually began to feel discomfort in the hip joint area and had difficulty picking up the ball.
the orthopedic surgeon told him that he had osteoarthritis and told him to stop playing tennis.
he was treated with electric therapy for a while, but it did not get better.
so, he consulted his doctor of internal medicine and went to the city hospital for an MRI.
at the hospital, he was diagnosed as "osteonecrosis of the femoral head". he referred him to a university hospital.
however, the university hospital told him that it was not osteonecrosis of the femoral head and that the cause of his current pain was the deformed hip joint, and that surgery was the only option.
he was told that surgery was the only option, but since he could not be hospitalized due to his family's care, he was given electrotherapy at a local orthopedic clinic, and tried private medicine for about 3 months, but there was no improvement at all.
he thought it would never get better, so he went to try acupuncture. however, there was no improvement, so he went to a chiropractor, but that didn't help either.
he heard rumors about our acupuncture treatment and came to our clinic after reading our website.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, there was no abnormality, but rather, he was working out well and had more muscle development than most people of his age. palpation showed a lot of muscle stiffness around the right hip joint.


since he had difficulty picking up the ball, we focused on the muscles that perform hip flexion. such as the tensor fascia lata muscle, gluteus minimus muscle, and rectus femoris muscle.

treatment results

after the 2nd treatment, the pain in the hip joint was reduced from 10→5.

after the 5th treatment, the remaining symptoms were reduced to about 3, and he began to consider returning to tennis.

after the 10th treatment, the quality of his daily life had improved to the extent that he was only bothered to bend his hip joint when climbing the stairs at the station. he also reported that he was able to return to tennis and enjoy playing with his friends.