Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

Case Reports

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main symptoms

his lower back hurts.
he feels numbness and pain when he walks, and it gets easier after a short rest.
lower back pain when he sleeps at night. it is easier when he lies on his side.
in the past, he has been devoted to martial arts to the extent that he participated in an all-japan tournament.
when he is not feeling well, water sometimes accumulates in his knees, and both his back and knees are painful.

he has been prescribed various medications at the hospital, but lately he has been wondering if they are enough. so, he was introduced to acupuncture by a family member and came to our clinic.

he has always liked working out and has always worked out his body.
he is still active in his work.

visual observation and palpation

when he walks, his pelvis does not rotate and he seems to walk only with his legs.
however, his muscle mass was much more developed than that of a person of his age due to his past martial arts experience.
on palpation, there were many tender points in the muscles of the lower back.
there was also stiffness in the lateral lumbar muscles and muscle tension on the direct side of the lumbar vertebrae to the extent that i could not insert my fingers.


Intensive acupuncture was performed twice a week on the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, lumbar iliacus and multifidus muscles.

Initially, acupuncture was applied to the muscles of the hips to improve circulation and eliminate numbness in the lower legs.
After about 4 or 5 treatments in 2 weeks, he was able to walk more easily than before.

After walking became easier, acupuncture was performed on the lumbar iliacus muscle and 、、、

Acupuncture was performed on the multifidus muscle.

After a total of 15 treatments, his symptoms seem to have decreased to about 4 if the symptoms at the beginning were 10.

he is currently undergoing continuous treatment.


acupuncture for scoliosis

many people in their 60's, 70's, and 80's are diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis when they undergo a thorough examination for symptoms such as pain in the lower back, numbness in the legs, and difficulty walking.

this is a physical change that occurs with age.

however, the question that needs to be considered is, "to what extent are my current symptoms caused by scoliosis?"

in severe cases of scoliosis, there can be bladder and rectal problems.

in this case, the patient had intermittent claudication (a walking pattern in which the patient becomes numb when walking, but becomes comfortable when resting while bending over), but we judged that pain while sleeping at night and simple back pain were also involved, so we took an approach to those problems.

currently, her symptoms have been reduced from 10 to 4.

although the narrowing of the spinal canal itself has not been cured, the symptoms have been reduced.

her daily life seems to be much easier. i am sure it will get easier in the future.

patients who have been diagnosed with scoliosis may wonder, "are all my current symptoms caused by scoliosis? is medication the answer? is an injection the answer? or is surgery the only option?"

we want to help people think, "why not try acupuncture?" we will continue to work to make people think that acupuncture is an option.