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lower back sprained
a recent case of lower back sprain in seasonal change. here are some recent cases.

lower back sprained
a recent case of lower back sprain in seasonal change. here are some recent cases.

【male, 30s occupation: apparel industry】

【male, 30s occupation: apparel industry】

main complaint

his back hurt. the pain was manageable at first, but gradually worsened.
he could not bend forward. it is hard to walk.
he came to our clinic because he could not stand up at work and wanted to improve his condition as soon as possible.

visual observation and palpation

unable to lean forward and bend over. he could not put on his socks.
palpation showed recognition in the longissimus lumbar muscle and the multifidus muscle.

lower back sprained

lower back sprained is caused by
(1) a sudden painful sprain.
(2) a gradual painful sprain.
there are 2 patterns.
in the case of (2), it is the gradual pain that is more difficult to heal.
in the case of (1), it is often caused by a shallow muscle layer and often improves quickly.
in this case it was (2), and i intensively treated the longissimus lumbar muscle, lumbar iliacus muscle and lumbar multifidus muscle with acupuncture.

treatment results

1st treatment: 10 → 4, quite good. able to work.
2nd treatment: 4→0. complete recovery.


what is the cause of lower back sprain?

a lower back sprain is also called "myofascial lower back pain".
there is also the term "witch's strike" because of the sudden pain.
the pain is caused by the activation of trigger points, which are hyperalgesia areas.
even if you think you are fine because you don't have pain, trigger points are actually there.
this is called "trigger point intrinsic muscle," and it is the muscle that forms the trigger point.
these trigger points are activated by various factors and cause pain.
since humans started walking upright on two legs, the lower back has always been under strain.
trigger points are formed where the strain is applied.
when these trigger points are activated, pain occurs.

by the way, the same mechanism is used to cause neck strain.
a neck strain is also known as a neck sprained. ...you could say.

it is better to apply acupuncture needles directly to the affected part of the body, as it is more painful to massage or apply finger pressure.
when the acupuncture needle hits the bad area, it will strike a target and remove the pain.