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Case Reports

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pain and swelling in the ankles and back pain for 30 years

main symptoms

back pain for 30 years.
there is a feeling of tightness in his legs. sometimes numbness also occurs, which makes it difficult to walk.
sometimes the outer ankles of the feet become swollen and there is unexplained redness. this symptom appears when he is tired due to stress.
the left hip is always tight.
when traveling for a long time (bus, airplane, etc.), it is difficult to sit still.
pain when sitting on the floor.
he has a history of autonomic nervous system disorder due to stress from work, etc., and has been a hospital patient. currently, he is not visiting a hospital because he believes that the cause is stiffness in his body.
his back is also very stiff. his neck is also stiff.
he had been using trigger point injections at the clinic, but there was no improvement. the effect lasted about a day.
sometimes the side of his knee next to his shin hurts badly.
he came to our clinic by introduction because he had a lot of stiffness, but he wanted to get rid of his back pain and leg cramps as soon as possible.

visual observation and palpation

no abnormalities were found on visual observation.
palpation showed strong muscle tension in the longissimus muscle muscle, iliopsoas muscle, multifidus muscle, gluteus medius and minimus muscle, and tibialis anterior muscle.


he was treated intensively with intensive acupuncture treatment.

1) tensor fascia lata muscle 2) anterior tibial muscle
3) gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles

these were intensively treated.

1回1st to 3rd treatment: symptoms such as tightness in the legs improved.
4th to 7th treatment: tension in the muscles is greatly reduced. swelling and pain in the ankles also disappeared.


trigger point injection by a doctor and the difference between trigger point acupuncture by an acupuncture therapist

in this case, it will take some more time for the symptoms to improve because they have been present for a long time.
however, the patient himself said, "i feel that i am being treated very well".
the reason why they can feel that they are being treated is because they have a recognition feeling from the acupuncture treatment.
the recognition feeling is, "that's it! that's my bad point". it means that the acupuncture needles are hitting the point where you feel that's it!
(the sensitivity is controlled according to the patient's stimulation level.)

doctors often inject trigger points when the patient says, "it hurts here", but the acupuncture trigger point treatment is to find the point that sounds like "there! that's the bad point! ".
the real cause of chronic pain is hidden in places that are not "painful here" points.
in other words, when a patient says, "it hurts here," the therapist must be suspicious of it.

1) trigger point injection: "it hurts here" → "then let's inject it here.
2) trigger point acupuncture: "it hurts here" → " maybe there is no cause here? →check for contraction pain, etc. and diagnose the muscle causing the pain → apply acupuncture and look for recognition.

there are 20 million patients in the world who suffer from chronic pain.
there are probably many patients who have experienced waiting for 2-3 hours and receiving only 5 minutes of medical treatment for their pain.
clinics that deal with musculoskeletal problems are crowded, but they are crowded because they can't heal.
if we do not abandon the concept that "the painful part is the bad part," chronic pain cannot be cured.

japan is becoming a super-aged society.
we need to "seriously" cure pain.
we need to "seriously" think about our own bodies.