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Case Reports

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neck pain, back pain, and wrist pain after a traffic accident

main symptoms

while walking at a crossing from a small road to a main street, he was hit by a car and fell.
he hit his neck, shoulder, and lower back.
both wrists were also painful when he landed on his hands.
there are no broken bones and no numbness.
however, he has difficulty in his work because he must lift heavy things.
he is currently on leave from work for a while.
he came to our clinic by referral from the wife of one of our patients.

visual observation and palpation

there was no problem on visual observation, but palpation showed tension in the lower back and neck.
on palpation, muscle tension was found in the entire neck muscles.


he was treated with acupuncture to relieve muscle tension and manual therapy to treat the swelling in his lower back and neck, probably due to the sudden external force caused by the accident.
●treatment area: longissimus lumbar muscle, lumbar multifidus muscle, splenius capitis muscle, semispinal muscle of head, cervical multifidus muscle, subspinous muscle, and other forearms

to relieve his symptoms as soon as possible, he came to our clinic 4 to 5 times a week.

muscular connection of the longest lumbar muscle and lumbar iliacus muscle
lumbar multifidus muscle

in the beginning, the symptoms were strong in the lower back, so i treated mainly the lower back.

after about 10 treatments, the pain in the lower back disappeared.
at the same time, the next treatment focused on the neck.

cervical multifidus and rotator muscles
cervical multifidus and rotator muscles

the neck improved after 5 to 6 times of intensive treatment.
however, since whiplash may cause symptoms to appear later, we treated the deeper muscles of the neck. the symptoms seemed to disappear after a few treatments.

his forearm symptoms also seemed to disappear after a few treatments.


the scary thing about whiplash

whiplash is a condition in which a large external force is applied to the neck, causing trigger points to form in the deep muscles of the neck. the trigger points are activated from the beginning.

in some cases, the trigger points are activated from the beginning and cause symptoms, but in other cases, the trigger points are latent and there are no symptoms in the beginning, but after months or years, the trigger points are suddenly activated and cause symptoms.

in general, the head is about the size of a large watermelon and weighs 6 kg.
even if there is no abnormality on MRI or x-ray, it is always better to treat it.