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Case Reports

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heavy eyes, difficulty in opening eyes, tired eyes, tears

main symptoms

tiredness in the eyes for almost 10 years.
he received various treatments including osteopathy, chiropractic, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and hospital 、、、、.
recently, he became aware of stiffness in his neck, and when he did the CNMS diagnostic items, he found that almost all the items matched.
the stiffness in the neck is very strong, and the symptoms are especially hard since it is difficult to open my eyes.
tearing. too many tears come out and he always carries a handkerchief with him. he has symptoms of chronic fatigue that he cannot get rid of even after sleeping.
he has been diagnosed with depression, autonomic nervous system disorder, or eyelid spasm. as for tears, they can dry up rapidly after too much production. he came to our clinic because he felt that if he could cure his stiff neck, his symptoms might disappear.


no abnormality was diagnosed by visual observation or palpation.
we judged that the cause was deep in the body and focused on acupuncture.

1st treatment: tiredness in his eyes is gone a little. this is the first time he can feel the effect of this kind of treatment.
3rd treatment: after the treatment, it was good, but as time went by, the symptoms came back.
7th treatment: he used to feel bad every day, but he started to feel better on some days.
15th treatment: he started to feel better on more days, and the stiffness in his neck started to decrease.


relationship between occipitals

muscles are attached from bone to bone. many muscles of the neck are attached to the occipital bone. trigger points are often formed where muscles attach to bones, making the occipital bone attachment an important treatment site.

the diagram above shows only the muscles after removing the skin and connective tissue.
there are various muscles attached to it.

↑the suboccipital muscle group at the deepest part of the body is a major symptom of the eye condition.
this area cannot be reached by fingers.

this area can only be approached by acupuncture.
however, since the muscles are located quite deep, acupuncture requires a lot of skill.

the deeper the cause, the longer the symptoms have been there.
persistent and persistent treatment of the point will improve the eye symptoms.