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breech birth

main symptoms

she was 34 weeks pregnant.
she did breech exercises until the very last minute, but when the day came when she had to decide whether to have a cesarean section or not, she came to see us through a neighbor obstetrician's introduction.


in the case of breech births, there can be various causes such as mother's or child's side, but there is always coldness and swelling, so i used acupuncture to improve circulation below the waist.
i also added moxibustion to the area that is very effective for breech presentation.
Acupuncture was applied to the quadriceps femoris muscle, femoral fascial tension muscle, hamstring, tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior.
moxibustion on the ankle and little toe.
after 1-2 treatments, she felt the movement of the baby.
after the 3rd treatment, she went to the hospital for a checkup and found that the breech was cured. we received a phone call from her, saying she was very happy.


at our clinic, we use acupuncture and moxibustion together.
in the case of breech treatment, the results vary depending on the size and mobility of the baby, but there have been cases where a patient came to our clinic after giving up half of 35-6 weeks and improved in 7.8 treatments with intensive therapy.
since mental anxiety and stress are often the cause of the problem, it is possible to take care of the whole body at the same time.
i heard that a healthy baby was born.
thank you too ^ ^