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Case Reports

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acupuncture for morning sickness

main symptoms

her morning sickness started a few days ago.
just the smell of food makes her feel nauseous. currently, she cannot even eat properly.
since she has been lying down for a long time, her neck and back feel stiff.
she is currently in her 7th week of pregnancy.

visual observation and palpation

strong skin tension was observed in the neck and back. skin tension is largely related to (1) stress and (2) lack of sleep.
(1) semispinalis capitis (2) sternocleidomastoid muscle (3) trapezius muscle


because of the strong skin tension from the neck to the back, we used thin needles to treat the superficial muscles.

1st and 2nd treatment: 10 → 7. the neck to back area felt relaxed and a little easier.
5th treatment: 10 → 5. symptoms are still wavering, but she can move more.
8th treatment: 10 → 2. much better. She was able to eat and returned to work.


there are many people who suffer from morning sickness because they cannot take medicine during pregnancy.
acupuncture is a natural treatment with no side effects, so you can receive it safely during pregnancy.
by getting rid of the stiffness around the neck and shoulders, the autonomic nervous system will be balanced, and various physical problems will be removed.