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lower back pain and stomach discomfort during pregnancy

lower back pain and stomach discomfort during pregnancy

【female, 30s, late pregnancy】

【female, 30s, late pregnancy】

main symptoms

pain in the lower back and back. it hurts when she stands up or stands for a long time.
her stomach is also not good. excessive stomach acid.
it's hard because her stomach has become much heavier. she received massage therapy, but it did not get better.


it is not clear whether the stomach condition is caused by pain in the back muscles from the internal organs or by the internal organs due to the deterioration of the back muscles, but i treated the back in the hope that it would have a therapeutic effect on the reflexes.
to avoid pressure on the stomach, manual therapy for the lower back was limited to the back only, and only acupuncture was performed for the lower back.

needles used: 50 mm, 0.18 mm
treatment area: thoracic multifidus muscle, lumbar longest muscle, longest rib muscle

treatment results

1st treatment: pain was reduced to half.
2nd treatment: the pain disappeared. stomach condition also improved.

on the posterior surface of the human body, there are "acupuncture points" that are distributed to internal organs.
in our clinic, we have our own acupuncture points for internal organ problems, and by applying acupuncture needles to these points, we can approach the internal organs as well.
in this case, I don't know if it was the back pain or the internal organ disorder that was caused first, but either way, the treatment area was the same, so i was able to get good results by treating that area.


acupuncture treatment can be performed during pregnancy

in our clinic, we use a cushion that allows the patient to lie on her stomach until just before the birth.
we can also treat patients in the last stage of pregnancy by lying face down.
if you are not comfortable with lying on your stomach, we can also treat you on your side, so please ask us.