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Case Reports

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main symptoms

she has been feeling dizzy for several months. she also feels stagger and have trouble in daily life.
she has been taking medication, but there is no improvement. her sleep is also shallow, so she takes a sleep-inducing drug every day.
recently, her sleep has become shallow even after taking sleep-inducing drugs, and she is troubled. her symptoms are getting worse.

visual observation and palpation

there is strong pressure pain in the neck. no abnormalities were found on visual observation.


she was treated trigger points in the neck.

1st treatment: she could sleep after the treatment. however, she returned the next day.
2nd treatment: the frequency of dizzy feeling decreases a little.
5th treatment: no more dizzy feeling. dizziness also decreased in frequency, but symptoms still occurred when the body was tired.
7th treatment: both shakiness and dizziness disappeared. sleep became deeper and she was able to stop taking sleep medication.


dizziness and stagger.

dizziness and staggering are often caused by stiffness in the neck.
stiffness in the neck can cause autonomic nervous system disturbances, which can lead to a variety of complaints.
in recent years, with the aging society, various complaints of the elderly have become a problem.
there are many people who have been taking the same medication for years without knowing whether it works or not.
it is true that the elderly does not heal well, but there are many symptoms that can be cured with the natural treatment of acupuncture.
the cause of high blood pressure is also unknown in 80% of cases.
it is not good to take antihypertensive drugs for years when the cause is unknown.
in addition to blood pressure, symptoms such as dizziness and lightheadedness are largely related to trigger points in the neck.