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Case Reports

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Fatigued calves

main symptoms

pain and fatigue in the calf. he cannot walk the 200m walk to the station.
he takes a rest on the way.
in any case, his legs feel tired when he walks.


since there were no symptoms of spinal canal stenosis, i focused on the treatment of the gluteus maximus, midriff, and triceps femoris.
since he was able to come to the clinic 3 times a week, i treated him only with manual therapy.

pain scale

1st treatment...well, still the same.
5th treatment...he took a break about once before coming to our clinic, but he started to come without a break sometimes.
10th treatment...he could come to our clinic almost without rest. muscle tension also eased.
15th treatment...he was able to go to the station. his range of activities has expanded.



he continues to receive regular treatment because he feels better after treatment.
when you are over 60 years old, your glutes tend to become weak.
the gluteus muscles are very important when it comes to walking.
you can do the exercise while lying down like this, so please try it.
this is a muscle contraction of the gluteus maximus.
it makes your hips big and firm.
this is a contraction of the gluteus muscle
your hips will become smaller.