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trigger point treatment for TFCC injury (triangular fibrocartilage complex injury)

trigger point treatment for TFCC injury (triangular fibrocartilage complex injury)

【Male, 20s】

【Male, 20s】

【what is a TFCC injury?】
TFCC is also known as "triangular fibrocartilage complex".
there are four ligaments on the little finger side of the wrist: 1) ulnar triangular ligament, 2) ulnar lunate ligament, 3) palmar radial ligament, and 4) dorsal radial ligament, which surround the joint disc on the little finger side of the wrist.
these are collectively called the TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex).
TFCC damage cannot be seen on x-rays, so an MRI is recommended.
however, it is important to note that even if there is an abnormality there, it may not be related to the pain you are experiencing.
trigger points in the skeletal muscles and ligaments that make up the wrist are often the cause of pain in the little finger side of the wrist.

main symptoms

pain in the wrist.
diagnosed as TFCC injury at the hospital.
the pain continued for a couple of months, and it was interfering with his work, so he came to the clinic to have something done about it.

visual observation and palpation

no abnormalities were found on visual observation or palpation.
the pain was reproduced during ulnar and dorsal flexion of the wrist joint.

treatment results

trigger point therapy was performed on the extensor digiti minimi muscle and pronator quadratus muscle.
symptoms decreased by half from the 5th treatment, and by the 10th treatment, the pain had almost disappeared.

the symptoms seemed to disappear after several treatments.


TFCC injury gets better with acupuncture

as i mentioned at the beginning, even if the MRI results or the hospital diagnosis is given, the symptoms can be improved by treating the trigger points in the muscles and ligaments.
although acupuncture requires skill due to the small size of the points, there are many cases of gradual improvement with proper treatment.