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Case Reports

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headache and dizziness

main symptoms

about a year ago, she was hospitalized for a serious illness.
after leaving the hospital, she began to experience dizziness and headaches.

when she discussed her symptoms with her doctor, he only prescribed headache medicine and other medications, which increased the amount of extra medication she had to take.

visual observation and palpation

she was unable to walk without a cane.
she felt dizzy and had headaches, so she was taking care not to move her head.
palpation showed strong muscle tension in the neck region and sweating.


treatment areas: (1) occipital bone attachment of the semispinalis capitis muscle, (2) occipital bone attachment of the platysma capitis muscle, and (3) scapular elevator muscle.

due to her elderly age, she was treated with thin acupuncture needles with weak stimulation, but with a method that reliably applied to the trigger points.

1st treatment: she felt a little lighter.
3rd treatment: not much change.
5th treatment: headache disappeared. dizziness was getting better. (but it comes in waves.)
8th treatment: no headache recently. no more dizziness. she feels much better than she has in 6 months.


neck stiffness in the elderly

here are 2 types of stiffness in the neck: (1) symptoms of stiffness and pain, and (2) complaints that appear all at once without feeling any stiffness. in this case, the complaints were headache and dizziness.
in this case, the complaint was headache and dizziness.
it may be that the trigger points that were latent during the hospital stay were activated, and the symptoms appeared.

many of the elderly patients who come to our clinic are referred by friends or family, but this time, i was surprised to hear that an 85-year-old patient came to our clinic after looking at our website on her own. (that's amazing.)

I am glad to hear that her painful symptoms have improved.
Thank you for finding us.