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Case Reports

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improvement of chronic sinusitis

main symptoms.

4 years ago, she had normal level of running nose. when she became pregnant, her condition became very bad. her ears also became blocked, and her nose continued to be blocked.

the otolaryngologist she went to only gave her medication on a long-term basis. however, when she found out she was pregnant, she could not take the medicine. her condition worsened.

when she went to the hospital for a second opinion because her symptoms were too bad, it was pointed out to her that she had a severe sinusitis.

after giving birth, the symptoms continued, and she took antibiotics and other medications. however, there was no improvement. she has been suffering from sinusitis for 4years now.

she is still taking medication. she wants to improve her condition from the base.

lymphatic system is often swollen. Since the birth of child, she has been feeling anxious for some reason.

she has been making efforts to control her autonomic nervous system on her own, but she has reached her limit. she remembered that acupuncture had helped her recover from a hernia in the past and decided to get it.

she is often on the computer. she feels dazzled by the light. her neck also gets stiff easily and sometimes feel depressed.


although it is not widely recognized, chronic sinusitis is often associated with a stiff neck. in many places, the result of sinusitis is treated with medication, but it is not widely known that it is the condition of the neck that creates an easy environment for pus to accumulate.

the typical muscles of the neck, of course, but for sinusitis, it is essential to approach the deeper muscles. the arrow points to the superior oblique and rectus occipitalis muscles of the suboccipital muscle group.

the sternocleidomastoid muscle is another essential location for otolaryngological disorders.

treatment results

there were some waves in her condition, she improved with each treatment.

1st to 5th time
after the first treatment, she started to have a lot of nasal discharge and felt refreshed afterwards. she felt exhilarated for the first time in 4 years. after that, the symptoms started to appear again, and the treatment was persistent.

6th to 15th times
the symptoms kept improving, sometimes getting worse. ear blockage and anxiety also decreased.

16th to present
the symptoms at the time of the 1st visit have gone into remission. she is currently undergoing maintenance treatment.