Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

Case Reports

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dizziness, decrease in energy, decrease in concentration, stagger when walking

main symptoms

ecently his physical condition has been poor.
it is his daily routine to read the newspaper every morning, but he has difficulty concentrating.
he doesn't feel like trying to read the newspaper.
in the past he had similar symptoms twice, and it improved spontaneously, but his recent health condition is not improving well.
rather than going to the hospital for symptomatic treatment, he was referred by a friend to come to our clinic.

visual observation and palpation

due to the lack of sleep, swelling was observed in the neck area during the visual observation.
palpation showed strong muscle tension in the (1) semispinalis, (2) scalene, (3) levator scapulae muscles.


he came to our clinic about once every five days.

(1) semispinalis capitis, (2) piriformis capitis
(3) capular elevator muscle

intensive trigger point acupuncture was applied to the muscles in ① to ③.

after 3rd treatments, the dizziness when walking was reduced.
after 5th treatment, various symptoms such as dizziness and loss of concentration were reduced.
after 6th treatment, stiffness appeared on the outside of the neck.

new point (4) longissimus capitis muscle

While continuing the treatment of the muscles from (1) to (3), the (4)longissimus capitis muscle was also treated.

after the 7th treatment, the symptoms were cured.


in recent years, autonomic nervous system symptoms such as dizziness, ears ringing, loss of concentration, and loss of energy have been increasing among the elderly.
many elderly people go to clinics, but in many cases, the symptoms are only suppressed and not improved.
recently, we have been seeing more and more family members, such as daughters and sons, coming to our clinic after checking our website.
people in their 70s can still be considered young.
my parents will soon be in their 70s.
i want my parents to be healthy.