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Case Reports

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chronic fatigue syndrome, stiff neck, and shoulders, hunchback, stress sensitivity

main symptoms

she has always had a stiff neck and shoulders.
she has been under a lot of stress at work in the medical field. Recently, when she feels stressed, her shoulder blade area gets stiff and feel like her back is rolled up. she often told by her friends that she has a hunchback.
she often goes for a relaxation massage. It helps to reduce stress, but lately she has been thinking that if she doesn't get rid of the stiffness, it won't solve the problem. that is why she has been checking acupuncture websites.
the friend introduced her to kunitachi ozawa and contacted us.

at work, she has many opportunities to assist in the operating room, which tends to restrict her posture.
she is currently in her 5th year of work. she cannot get rid of fatigue.
when her symptoms worsen, she feels as if her shoulders are trapped.

observation and palpation.

on visual examination, there was a lot of sebum and redness on the skin, which clearly indicated sympathetic nervous tension.
palpation showed strong tenderness in all the areas mentioned in the interview, especially in the area called "stress muscle group.

what is the stress muscle group?

the stress muscle group is the part of the body that takes the initiative to increase tension when feeling stressed. when stress is applied to an area that is originally subjected to strain (where trigger points are formed), it becomes activated and is more likely to produce symptoms.
the trapezius and infraspinatus muscles, the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the midriff muscle, and many others. there are many more.


in the beginning, i used a lot of small needles to remove edema.
after the 1st treatment, her body became much lighter, and she came twice a week for the first time. after the muscle tension was relieved, the treatment was changed to once a week, and she continues to receive regular treatment.