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acupuncture for anxiety neurosis (generalized anxiety disorder)

main symptoms

5 to 6 years ago, she was diagnosed with anxiety neurosis at a psychosomatic medicine clinic.
at the time of onset, she was riding the bullet train and thought, "hmm? what's wrong?” and panic-like symptoms appeared. Since then, this has happened several times, and she has not been able to ride trains.

she is still suffering from it.
the metro is particularly tough for. airplanes are impossible.
especially ones with windows that don't open. she has a hard time in confined spaces.
she tried cognitive-behavioral therapy because it couldn't get better. she also consulted a counselor for a long time.

the symptoms did not improve, and she is still experiencing sweating, heart palpitations, and sometimes severe fear.

the symptoms are especially strong when she is tired.
the symptoms are also common around menstruation.
she has always had a stiff neck, especially since she started working.
she has been suffering from the symptoms for almost 40 years.

her headache has been particularly strong lately. she can't get up without taking medicine.
she has a feeling of tightness on her face. recently her gray hair has suddenly increased, and she has started to lose some of her hair. also started to fall out a little.

her friend recommended us to her, and she came to our clinic.


because of her long history of symptoms, we used thin acupuncture needles for the first treatment.

the treatment focused on the muscles of the occipital bone attachment and mastoid attachment while adjusting the amount of stimulation.

①Semispinalis capitis ②Parietalis capitis ③Sternocleidomastoid muscle ④Trapezius muscle

treatment results

after the first treatment, the stiffness in the neck was relieved.
the symptoms stopped after the 3rd treatment.
after the 6th treatment, she was able to spend almost all of her time without feeling any symptoms and recovered enough to be able to return to work next month, which she had been absent from until now.
after a few treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


what to look for in acupuncture treatment for anxiety neurosis and other psychosomatic conditions

there are many aspects of psychosomatic medicine that i do not agree with.
this is because many symptoms are often confused and given various disease names, which can delay recovery, as in the case of this symptom.
in the field of psychosomatic medicine, there are many disease names that are inferred from symptoms, such as panic, depression, autonomic imbalance, anxiety neurosis, etc.
this is dangerous.
the possibility of delaying proper treatment by giving a disease name is not beneficial.

symptoms in the field of psychosomatic medicine are often socially relevant, and doctors in the field of psychosomatic medicine need to understand the possibility that stiff necks may cause many complaints.

if we want to help people return to society as soon as possible, we need to create a system that allows us to consider the possibility of the appearance of various symptoms caused by neck stiffness rather than prescribing medication for years.

although i am still lacking in this area, i intend to continue to promote the possibilities of neck stiffness treatment for these symptoms.

we must try to make sure that the patient continues the treatment even after returning to the society.
in many cases, the human brain is overwritten with negative things.
even if you get better once, if you have a bad day again, it is not uncommon to relegate the good days to the corner of your mind.

this may sound like a big thing to say, but these symptoms need to be rooted out.
We must work hard to achieve a complete cure.