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Case Reports

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neck pain, fatigue, headache, dizziness, insomnia, and chronic gastritis caused by whiplash from an old car accident

main symptoms

she has neck pain and fatigue.
she was involved in a traffic accident when she was a child, and since then she has been experiencing various symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, headache, and dizziness.
she went to various clinics for treatment.
currently, she works at a desk at work and sometimes must do small tasks, so she sometimes gets sick suddenly.
at a hospital specializing in cervical spine, she was diagnosed with various kinds of cervical spondylosis and kyphosis.
her eyes are also heavy, and her jaw sometimes hurts.

recently, she was diagnosed with autonomic dysreflexia, and since it is difficult for her to control her symptoms, her doctor recommended that she take a leave of absence, which she is currently forced to do.
her neck becomes numb when she moves her head back and forth.
sometimes her whole arm goes numb even when she raises her hand.

she came to our clinic because there was no improvement in her condition no matter where she went.

visual observation and palpation

visual observation showed severe swelling in the neck and the height of the scapula was different.
on palpation, there was nothing wrong with the area that could be touched with the fingers, so we treated her with acupuncture needles while searching for deep points.


1) trapezius muscle 2) occipital attachment of semispinalis capitis muscle 3) mastoid attachment of platysma capitis muscle
4) direct side of spinous process of lesser rhomboid muscle 5) direct side of spinous process of greater rhomboid muscle
6) head semispinal muscle, lower cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae

1st to 5th treatment: no change.
6th to 10th treatment: symptoms such as dizziness and insomnia are relieved.
11th to 15th treatment: headache and other symptoms are relieved. autonomic nervous system symptoms are relieved.
16th treatment: feeling better. the best physical condition in the past few years.


autonomic neuropathy after a car accident

in whiplash after a car accident, trigger points are formed in the deep muscles of the neck.
when trigger points are formed in the deep part of the body, external approaches do not work and only acupuncture, which is a surgical treatment, can directly approach the affected area.
when trigger points are formed in deep muscles, autonomic nervous system symptoms are strong, and the patient may suffer from symptoms for a long time.
i have suffered from many symptoms in the past, and i am glad that i was able to improve like this.