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Case Reports

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unexplained coldness in the stomach.

main symptoms

pain in the lower stomach.
there is no definite cause, but the hospital said it might be a symptom of menopause.
the pain gets worse when she gets cold, so she tries to keep it warm daily.
in addition, her back is stiff, and neck and shoulders feel tired all the time.

visual observation and palpation

there was severe swelling in the entire neck area and a cold sensation in the lower back area that was different from other parts of the body.

(1) semispinalis capitis, (2) lumbar multifidus, (3) midriff muscle


1st to 2nd treatment: i treated the whole body from the neck to the waist because of the severe swelling.

she said that her whole body felt a little warmer after the treatment.

3rd treatment: 10→7. the pain decreased a little.
4th treatment: 10 → 3. the pain in daily life was significantly reduced and the body felt lighter.

after a few more treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


the function of pelvic organs (prostate, bladder, uterus, etc.) decreases due to severe stiffness of the muscles attached to the pelvic area, such as the lumbar multifidus and midriff muscles. it is not well known that autonomic nervous system symptoms caused by stiffness can lead to a decrease in body temperature.
trigger points can be activated by cold and can cause painful symptoms such as this case.
when trigger points form in the muscles around the neck and shoulders, the body becomes sympathetically tense, which can reduce the function of internal organs.
the symptoms may be more severe in this case.
by removing the stiffness around the lower back and hip joints, the symptoms will improve.
trigger point therapy in this area is also effective for those suffering from infertility.