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acupuncture for hair loss

acupuncture for hair loss

【female teenager】

【female teenager】

main symptoms

hair loss. hair loss is seen in many parts of the head.
loss on the occipital hairline, top of the head and temporal area.
she had been taking medication and injections for years, but there was no improvement.
they have heard that acupuncture is good for hair loss, so she came to our clinic.

visual observation and palpation

hair loss was observed in the area shown in the above figure.
there was swelling in the neck area.


intensive acupuncture treatment was given to the hair loss area once a week on a periodical.

1st treatment: no change yet.
3rd treatment: hair loss is decreasing.
7th treatment: hair starts to grow back like baby hairs. less hair loss.
15th treatment: hair gradually grows, and loss of hair decreases significantly.
20th treatment: hair grows longer and gradually becomes less noticeable.

the treatment is still ongoing.


effectiveness of acupuncture for hair loss

for hair loss (including circular hair loss), we apply a substantial amount of acupuncture needles to the hair loss area.
acupuncture needles are applied to the hairline and the center of the hair loss area. the acupuncture needles are inserted along the hairline and into the skull using acupuncture diversion.
many patients with a hair loss problem have swelling in the neck area.
this is called myxedema, and it is a case where the muscles themselves have become worse without being noticed.
it is important to treat the neck area as well.

in the treatment of hair loss, the most important thing is to reduce the amount of hair loss rather than to make hair grow.
therefore, treatment of the affected area alone will slow down the healing process.
in addition to the treatment of the affected area, treatment of the neck will improve the blood flow from the neck to the head and improve the autonomic nerve function through treatment of the neck, which will affect the whole body in a positive direction.