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acne on the back acne on the neck

acne on the back acne on the neck

【male teenager】

【male teenager】

skin problems on the back, neck and face area are quite common. there are many ways to get rid of them, but most of the time they are caused by the inside of the body, so it's hard to get rid of them.
in fact, skin problems are often caused by trigger points that are a big responsibility of the body.

main symptoms

about 2 years ago, he began to feel a heavy stiffness in his neck and shoulders. around the same time, he started to notice acne on his upper back. he has trouble sleeping at night and sometimes gets headaches.
he is currently a student taking an entrance exam. he spends a lot of time studying, and his symptoms have been worsening lately. he was referred to us by his father, a patient of our clinic, who could not see his son in such a painful condition.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, many acnes were seen in the upper back and neck area. palpation revealed excessive muscle and skin tension in the same area.


since this was the first time for him to try acupuncture, he started with thin needles and adjusted the amount of stimulation while observing the condition.

1st treatment: 50mm, gauge 0.16mm x 20 needles, trapezius, semispinalis, levator scapulae, infraspinatus.... he felt a little dull after the treatment, but afterwards, his shoulder area became much lighter.

his friends and family said, "your face looks good". still no change in the condition of acne.

2nd-5th treatment → same area as above
his body continues to feel more relaxed than ever before. the muscles have become softer and more relaxed compared to the 1st treatment. the acne on his back has changed a little. a little less redness.

5th-10th treatment → 50mm, gauge 0.16mm and 0.18mm, the same areas as above, plus the thoracic multifidus.

as he seemed to be getting used to acupuncture, he started targeting the deep muscles of the back.

(thoracic multifidus)

he started to sleep better at night, and the acne on his back started to decrease after the 8th treatment.
he started to concentrate more on his studies after acupuncture, so he continues to receive regular treatment.
he will probably continue to build up his basic physical condition and expects to be in an ideal state by the time he finishes his exams.


to begin with, acne on the back and neck is caused by various factors such as sweat, sebum, dirt, scars, friction, uv rays, and stress. basically, all these findings are due to sympathetic nervous system tension.
in cases such as this one, where trigger points can be relieved by approaching the intrinsic muscles, we treat the skin as a finding of partial sympathetic nervous tension.
other symptoms such as mouth inflammation, boils on the arms, hair loss, and skin darkening (pigmentation) are also often caused by sympathetic nervous system tension due to trigger points.