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Case Reports

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discomfort in the tongue, dry mouth

main symptoms

discomfort in the tongue. the dry mouth.

in 2019, there was an event that caused him a lot of stress. since then, his tongue has been uncomfortable, and his mouth has become dry.

the doctor diagnosed him with glossalgia.

he has been visiting a psychosomatic medicine clinic for about 10 years.
he took a lot of medication, including tranquilizers. the symptoms are relatively mild in the morning and during meals. the more tired he gets, the symptoms become stronger.

visual observation, palpation, and treatment

because of palpation of the swelling and muscle condition of the neck, it was determined that the discomfort of the tongue and dry mouth symptoms were autonomic neuropathy caused by sympathetic nervous tension.

the aim of the treatment was to improve symptoms of parasympathetic nerve function through acupuncture and to reduce swelling through trigger point treatment.

1st to 3rd treatment: the swelling in the neck seemed to have decreased. at the same time, he judged that there was a problem of unconscious clenching because he had spent many years without noticing the condition of his neck.

he was treated with acupuncture needles from the temporalis muscle, masseter muscle, and holes in the anterior part of the temporomandibular joint → medial pterygoid muscle and lateral pterygoid muscle were also treated at the same time. (no change in subjective symptoms after the 3rd treatment)

4th to 6th treatment: discomfort in the tongue and dry mouth symptoms were reduced. there are days when he does not feel any symptoms.

after the 7th time: Symptom-free days continue. continued treatment.


subjective symptoms and other objective findings

in addition to the subjective symptoms felt by the patient, we, the therapists, also rely on the findings from the therapist's side.

when a patient says, " the pain hurts here," we suspect that the cause may be hidden in a different part of the body than the patient's subjective symptoms... and treat the problem based on the sensation of the acupuncture points.

to begin with, the symptoms of tongue discomfort, dry mouth, and other symptoms called complaints are often the result of people who are unaware of the condition of their own neck and body.

when acupuncture needles are applied to trigger points in unconscious areas, there is a sensation of resonance. it is a discovery that the brain is aware of.

the muscles of the neck are very small and that is why it is difficult to be aware of them. making people aware of this is a great way to approach the brain.