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collaboration with a researcher Part 3 〜【acupuncture x meteorology】〜

TADAYUKI is a meteorological data analyst, one of only a few in japan, and is a professional in not only meteorology but also statistics. we have decided to work on the concept of creating a new preventive medicine by statistically classifying the physical condition data of our patients in comparison with meteorology, and by incorporating my hand acupuncture sensations and meteorological and statistical data into the AI.

originally, the term "meteorological disease" in western medicine was just a random (bad) term in a larger range.
from now on, i would like to create a customized formula by quantifying the acupuncture sensations (manual sensations) of the therapist (me) in clinical practice.
this makes it possible to create a preventive medicine message for each patient, such as an alert before the patient becomes ill.

weather is made up of ①air pressure, ② temperature, ③ humidity... for example, if we look at air pressure, the reference atmospheric pressure is 1013,25hPa. and the weight applied to the reference atmospheric pressure is 10339,29kg. in other words, we usually have 10 tons of weight on our body....
so, if a change of only 2 hPa occurs in a day, the weight of the air will be 20,4 kg on our body (which normal people do not notice).

but? this 20,4kg, which normal people don't notice, is sensitively felt as pain, numbness, headache or stiffness. in addition, it can cause loss of concentration and dizziness. what if it could be the cause (trigger) of autonomic nervous system symptoms? wouldn't that be interesting?
for example, based on the theory of "customizing each individual," we asked our many patients with various symptoms to cooperate with us and fill out a form for several months, including their physical condition on the day of treatment, their physical condition after treatment, and their physical condition on the third day after treatment.

TADAYUKI and I had a hot discussion. stay tuned!

〜〜〜〜〜〜 and a few months have passed. 〜〜〜〜〜〜

we have collected nearly 300 patient data, and the customized data analysis for each patient is coming together.

analysis of correlations between patients through cluster analysis.

individuals with similar data (in this case, the patient's physical condition) were combined into the same group for analysis. individual differences in combinations with similar trends in symptom occurrence over the same period are standardized and summarized.

various analysis results have been obtained and will be manually analyzed from now on from the perspective of our craftsmen.

we expect to be able to develop an application by the end of this year, 2021.
we will overturn the fundamentals of preventive medicine
expect more!

〜〜〜〜〜〜 and in 2022 〜〜〜〜〜〜

we will release some of the application development materials. please click here to view.